I have agoraphobia that limits me to within a few blocks of my apartment. When I got approval to get a dog I went straight to the San Francisco SPCA and immediately fell in love with Raven. She is high energy (needs at least 3 hours of walking and playing with other dogs a day) and gives me a reason every day to get up and go outside. I've even expanded my safe zone since getting her two months ago. Im not going to lie, it's hard being depressed and scared and knowing that I have to go outside every day but Raven has changed my life. Not to mention that she's super smart. She has learned sit, down, shake, recall and loose leash since getting her two months ago. She didn't even know her name when we got her. Raven has made my life so much better and I couldn't be more thankful for the SF SPCA and the volunteers working there.