When we first brought Ruthie home in April of 2014, she was underweight, too frightened to eat any food that was not hand-fed to her, and fearful of new people and situations. She was so terrified of riding in the car that she cowered in the very back the entire way from the adoption center to her new home in Oakland. With her dog friend Fitz at her side, over the past two years she has grown into a confident, wiggly goofball who loves car rides, walks, toys, treats, and playing with any other dog on the block - but her favorite thing, hands down, is belly rubs. She has taught our moody pug mix, Fitz, how to play and interact with other dogs, and the two of them are now inseparable, sharing the same bed, food, and (sometimes) coveted toys. Ruthie has been a great pit bull ambassador, cuddling her way into the hearts of many friends and family members. We're so grateful to have found her at the San Francisco SPCA.