We hope that every animal adopted from the San Francisco SPCA will enjoy its lifetime in a loving home. And we support families to help ensure the longevity of the relationship. If you are having issues with your cat or dog, here are some resources that may help:

Returns for Animals Adopted from the SF SPCA

If you have exhausted all reasonable efforts to keep your pet, the SF SPCA accepts the return of any animal adopted from our facility. Adoption returns must be scheduled in advance at our Mission Campus and are accepted seven days a week by appointment only, based on staff availability. Guardians who wish to return their adopted cat or dog should call 415.554.3000 or email Surrender@sfspca.org to schedule an appointment.

Although we provide re-homing free of charge to our adopters who make appointments, donations are welcome to offset the cost of intake.

Surrender of Cats and Dogs Not Adopted from the SF SPCA

If you are a San Francisco resident with a cat or dog that you did not adopt from the SF SPCA, you may be able to surrender that animal to us. We have surrender appointments available seven days a week. Please call 415.554.3000 to schedule an appointment.

All non-SF SPCA animal surrenders require a completed Dog History Form or Cat History Form, please attach medical history and a picture of your pet. Please right-click the form name and select "Save link as" to save the form to your desktop. Once you've filled in the form, please print it out and bring it with you or email Surrender@sfspca.org and include the form as an attachment.

Surrenders of Underage Kittens and Puppies

If you are a San Francisco resident with a cat or dog that has a litter (kittens/puppies may be nursing or eating on their own), you may be able to surrender them to us.  We have surrender appointments available seven days a week.  Please call 415 554 3000 to schedule an appointment.

If you find a litter of puppies or kittens in San Francisco without their mother, bringing them to the shelter is the last resort. Consider waiting to see if the mother returns.

For kittens that are not eating on their own and are found without a mother:

  • Please do not intervene, the mother will likely return. It is normal for nursing cats to leave their kittens for hours at a time to search for food.
  • It is critical the kittens remain in the mother’s care for their survival.
  • If you know the mother has been killed or you have observed from a distance that the mother has not returned for 24 hours, you can care for the kittens. An example of a kitten care kit can be found at, https://www.alleycat.org/resources/kitten-care-kit/
  • If you cannot provide care for the kittens, bringing them to the shelter is the last resort. SF ACC has some capacity to care for unweaned kittens and they support bottle babies through their foster program. SF SPCA supports SF ACC directly and we collaborate closely on care for San Francisco’s kittens.


Free-roaming and Feral Cats

For more information on free-roaming and feral cats, please visit our Community Cares Program page.

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